Fresh flower decorated tiki torches, bamboo archways decorated with flowers or fabrics, aloha flower circles of plumerias and other flowers… Make your wedding more beautiful than you ever imagined!

Fresh Flower Decorated Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches decorated with fresh flower arrangements to surround your wedding area or aisle.

Two Fresh Flower Tikis $150
Four Fresh Flower Tikis $200

Large Bamboo Archway with Fabric and Fresh Flower Decor

A large bamboo archway woven with flowers to stand at the head of the aisle where you take your vows and complete your wedding ceremonies.

Large Bamboo Archway with Decor $400

Small Frame Arch with Fabric Decor

A more simple yet still immensely beautiful archway to frame your wedding at the head of the aisle.

Small Frame Arch with Fabric Decor $150
with Fresh Flower Spray add: $150

Aloha Flower Circle or Heart

Let a variety of colorful flowers surround you on the ground as you say “I do.”

Aloha Flower Circle $150
Fresh Petal Pathway $150