Cake, Sparkling Cider & Catering

Cake, sparkling cider, and catering services will warm bellies, as well as hearts at your wedding…

Cake and Sparkling Cider

Celebrate with a beautiful wedding cake and sparkling cider for your guests.  No matter how many guests you have, we have the right package for you!

Cake and Champagne or Sparkling Cider
-for up to 10 people $95
-for up to 20 people $175
-for up to 40 people $200

Full Service Catering

Contact us to ask us about our full service catering packages and tiered cakes.

Ask us about Champagne!

Hawaii law requires that we not include Champagne in our online reservations and sales.  Please contact us directly to find out more about having Champagne at your wedding.