Ali’i Beach Park

Ali’i Beach Park has one of the few light brown sand beaches on the island, unlike most Oahu beaches which consist of white sand formed from coral and seashells. The beach also offers about 250ft in length by 100ft width of warm friendly sand that is easy on the eyes and is situated so that it gets incredible views of both the sunrise and sunset.

Also called the “Royal” Beach, Ali’i beach is noted for its swimming and surfing. Swimming is the best in the small protected bay area on the South side of the beach. Surfers frequent this beach as it has some of the best waves on the island. Baywatch Hawaii, a popular television show, did a great deal of filming on the North Shore often using this beach and the Hale’iwa Surf Center.

Ali’i Beach Park provides a plethora of possibilities and is walking distance from shopping, eating and sightseeing in historic Haleiwa Town.