Advice from Reverend Jim

Aloha Bride and Groom to Be!

I am Reverend James Walsh, an ordained Divine Love Christian Minister residing on the North Shore of Oahu with my loving wife Terri in our little cottage on the beach. I realize you might have many questions, uncertainties, and apprehensions accompanying your excitement about your wedding day.

Well, in Hawaii, we simply say, “No Worries!” There is no need to worry about this special day you have chosen to declare your love for one another in the presence of God on a beautiful beach or garden park in Hawaii. Terri and I will do everything we can to help you choose the perfect setting and provide any special needs and wishes you might have. Terri is a spectacular wedding planner (and a lot of fun as well).

Getting married is, of course, a major step in anyone’s life. We are here for you, it’s going to turn out just fine (and isn’t it exciting)!

Terri and I specialize in small and intimate ceremonies on the beautiful and secluded beaches of Oahu’s North Shore. We love helping couples plan for this wonderful occasion and procure and provide whatever services are desired. Getting married in Hawaii should be a most beautiful, blessed and joyous occasion.

I always ask God to bless each couple with Divine Love and to guide and protect them as they take this first step of their walk into the future together. It has been my experience that every individual has a unique and personal relationship to our loving Creator, and though no two people agree absolutely on dogmatic questions, most everyone agrees that God is All-Loving, All-Holy and All-Merciful, and that we are God’s children and the objects of Our Creator’s great Soul’s Love and most Tender Care. So please allow a blessing for your wedding in Hawaii and let us make your Hawaiian Wedding perfect!

It is my joy to ask for this Eternal blessing to be yours amidst the beauty of Creation in Hawaii. And so when we all have a little faith and trust in God, and each other, things work out beautifully. Oh yes, they really do!

I have married couples of every Christian denomination as well as Buddhists, Jews, Sufi-Muslims, and agnostics. No one ever seems to mind a my  prayer to our Eternal Creator for the blessings of Divine Love to be in theirs.

Please forward any questions you might have concerning these matters in complete confidence through our secure contact form.